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Time 4 Me

Dear Parents/Carers


I am pleased to let you know that Colin Neighbourhood Partnership awarded the contract for primary school counselling to Barnardo’s for 2020-21. This means that counselling will be available in our school again this year and for pupils from Year 1 to Year 7. Counselling really adds to the pastoral supports we already offer in our school. 


The Barnardo’s service is called Time 4 Me and it supports pupils, parents and schools. It works with individual pupils but also supports the team of adults around them.


Time 4 Me helps with the tough situations some children and families have to cope with. The most common reasons children come for Time 4 Me are:

  • Bereavement

  • Family problems (families separating, illness, conflict)

  • Personal and School worries

  • Friendship difficulties and bullying


A Barnardo's Counsellor will visit the school each week. Her name is Linda Quinn and she will visit every Tuesday morning.


If you would like to discuss getting support for your child please speak with me, your child’s teacher, Mrs Bleakley or Mr Kilpatrick. Once a space becomes available, we will arrange for you to meet Linda to see if Time 4 Me is suitable for your child.


Yours Sincerely

Miss Dougan


Colin Primary School Counselling Service

Barnardo’s Time 4 Me counselling service will be available in all the Colin primary schools again this year. Time 4 Me supports children, families and schools when life gets tough. A Barnardo’s counsellor will be coming to our school every week. Our counsellor is called Linda Quinn and she will be in school every Tuesday morning.


Counselling really adds to the pastoral supports we offer in school. It will be especially important this year as our pupils return after Lockdown and all the other recent disruptions to family life. As well as supporting children with Corona-related issues, counselling also helps with the other challenges children face that can affect their learning. It supports children and families coping with:


  • Worries and stress

  • Changes in the family

  • Anxiety about school

  • Bereavement

  • Friendship problems


If you think your child would benefit from counselling speak to Miss Dougan, Mrs Bleakley, Mr Kilpatrick or your child’s teacher.

Linda Quinn (our counsellor) will be happy to chat about the service and how it can help.


Request Form - Parents & Carers (Primary - 2020-21)

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